Art & culture

Woodcarving and trilingualism

Art and crafts in Val Gardena primarily means woodcarving. Namely religious and secular woodcarving, which is famous far beyond the borders of South Tyrol. Art lovers from all over the world delight in these unique objets d’art made of wood. Some of the most beautiful pieces created by Gardena artists can be admired in the “Galeria Unika”, the “ART52” exhibition  and the “Museum Gherdeina”.

Trilingualism is another distinctive feature of the Val Gardena. Most people probably know that Italian and German are spoken in South Tyrol. But in Val Gardena, once called Ladinia, Ladin is a language still spoken today. For many, it’s even their mother tongue. It’s a Rhaeto-Romanic language, a blend of the Latin of the first Roman conquerors and Celtic (Rhaetian), which was spoken by the inhabitants at the time.


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